Table plugin for wordpress – Websimon Tables

2011 Dec 30

Important Notice: This plugin has been removed from the wordpress repository by the admins of that repository. According to them there were security risks with the plugin. I do not have time to make updates of the plugin in the future so for now it will not be updated. I recommend that you use another plugin for your tables.

Websimon Tables is a wordpress plugin to create and design tables. You can choose between 10 readymade skins or design your own custom html table design.

>>>Download Websimon Tables from wordpress.org

Latest update: 2013-01-01, Version 1.3.3

Read blog post about version 1.3.3 (2013-01-02)

Create and design tables in wordpress

The reasons to why I created websimon tables are many but the most important one is that I wanted a fast way to create and manage good looking tables on my wordpress sites. There are som really good and advanced table plugins out there but I haven´t found any that has the design abilitys I wanted. In this plugin you will find 10 readymade skins (see examples below) and the functionality to create your unique custom design for each of your tables. Well, that is what this table plugin does.

Table examples

A kind of grey table with "download button" pics

Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4Go to
Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4Go to

A financial looking table

1st Quarter2nd Quarter
1st Quarter2nd Quarter
Very goodInvesting
Good marketingBad Marketing

A red table with custom width


A dark blue table with lots of information imported via .csv

Namewebsimon tablesinformationtime
Namewebsimon tablesinformationtime
Lady Gaga6912230
Usain Bolt6615260

Screenshots of websimon tables admin pages

Edit the table content (click for larger pic) Edit the basic settings (click for larger pic) Edit the custom design (click for larger pic)


  • Create and manage tables and css from your wordpress admin pages.
  • Create as many tables as you want to.
  • Import and Export via .csv
  • Shortcode to display tables in posts or pages.
  • php Script to display tables directly from your code.
  • Font size header and body.
  • Line height header and body
  • Horizontal and vertical text-align
  • fixed width or 100%
  • Custom cell padding
  • Custom column width
  • 10 Readymade skins.
  • A custom design skin where you can design your table exactly as you want to.


  1. Upload the entire websimon tables folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  3. You will find the admin page in "tools"

FaQ - Ask a question

Q: Is it possible with shortcodes inside of the table?

A: Currently there are no support for shortcodes inside of a table. In version 1.3.3

Q: How do you insert the table into a page?

A: You insert the table into your page by using the shortcode available in the plugins adminpages. The shortcode can look like this: [ws_table id="1"].  Just paste this code directly in the text editor for posts or pages.

Q: How do I put a textlink in my table?

A: To add a link in the table content just use html code to display the link: <a href="link-destination" alt="my link">Link Text</a>.

Q: If I want to use text or an image in the table, how do I edit to add a hyperlink to either?

A: To add a picture in the table content just use html code to display the image: <img width="100px" src="image-source.jpg" />. To use the image as an link use <a href="link-destination"><img width="100px" src="image-source.jpg" /></a>.

Q: How do I duplicate/copy a table?

A: This feature will be added to the next update. In version 1.02

Q: How do I insert or move Columns/Rows in a table?

A: Right now it is hard work to do that 😉 (Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V) I´ll add a function for that in an update later this spring. In version 1.1.1

Q: Is it possible to change the table name?

A: No not yet. I´m planning to make an update for that in coming releases! In version 1.1.1

Q: Is it possible to sort table content based on for example points or alphabetically?

A: No not yet. I´m planning to make an update for that in coming releases!

Q: Is there a rowspan/colspan functionality?

A: No not yet. I´m planning to make an update for that in coming releases!

Q: Is it possible to change the order of det rows?

A: Yes but only by changing the content in the table cells, I´ll add a function for that in an update later this spring. In version 1.1.1


  1. 2012-04-20 Version 1.3.2 is released with
    • Bugfix with link to table css
  2. 2012-04-13 Version 1.3.1 is released with
    • Same as 1.1.2 and 1.1.1 (which was a major update) but this update had to be done so that the update notification is sent out to all users.
  3. 2012-04-12 Version 1.1.2 is released with
    • Bugfix - Fixes issue with some files and pictures not including correctly.
  4. 2012-04-11 Version 1.1.1 is released with
    • New Feature - Its now possible to change the table name.
    • New Feature - You can now disable the table header.
    • New Feature - Its now possible to empty a tables content without changing the structure and design.
    • New Feature - You can move rows up and down.
    • New Feature - You can move columns left and right
    • New Feature - You can add rows and columns inside of a table
    • New Feature - You can delete rows and columns inside of a table
    • New Feature - Added some more textfields with the shortcodes for faster access.
    • New Feature - There is now an unique css class for each row if you want to design each row separately.
    • Bugfix - Fixed the issue that made the colorpicker not working.
  5. 2012-02-18 Version 1.02 is released with:
    • New Feature - You are now able to copy a table
    • New feature - You are now able to add a picture in the table headline/table footer
    • Bugfix - Fixed custom column width on custom skin
  6. 2012-01-19 Version 1.01 is released with:
    • Small fixes with uninstall routines. Now the plugin table and the related options is deleted when plugin is deleted.
    • Added som more save buttons when editing table content for tables with lots of information.
  7. 2011-12-30 Version 1.0 is released

270 Kommentarer

  1. Mark skriver:

    Looks great. Is there any chance you can add the ability to sort by column headings with a single click?

    • Simon skriver:

      Thank you Mark, I´ll add that feature in my ”future table development list”. I will continue to work on this plugin and maybe I´ll add that type of ability in the future.

  2. Hansi skriver:

    Thanks for this great WordPress Tables plugin.

    Its proably the best WordPress Tables plugin. Or it will soon be if you
    continue working and xpanding on it.
    Why dont you charge 5 dollars for this or add a donate button
    on your website. This just to ensure that you dont suddenly drop further development.


    • Simon skriver:

      Thanx Hansi! I´ve added a donate button on this page and in the plugins admin pages. I hope some people will donate a few bucks to encourage me to continue develop and update this table plugin 😉

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  4. Christina skriver:

    Is there a way to make the first column also ‘table headlines’? I want the first column in each row to match the headlines at the top.


    • Simon skriver:

      Hi Christina,
      At the moment there are no automatic ways for you to make the first column of the table the same as the table headlines. The way to do it right now is to manually copy the headline text into the first column content. I´ll consider this to future updates.

  5. Dave skriver:

    Hi Simon, awesome plugin! Once a table is made how do you put make the words on the table hyperlinked to other pages in one’s site?


    • Simon skriver:

      Hi Dave, you have to use html code (tag a) to link to your wordpress pages (see FaQ above). There are no similar way to link to pages that exists in the wordpress post text editor.

  6. Dave skriver:

    Thanks Simon, I got it working. Awesome plugin.

  7. Ali skriver:

    Thanx Simon this is \[ Awesome plugin ]/

    Please add option to hide table headlines same footer option.

    Best Regards

  8. M H D skriver:

    Thank you for this great plugin, but unfortunately it does not work with me! The shotcode field is always empty and nothing appears to me but the PHP code, which is

    Note that I filled the table fields, and did everything required to create a table, but still no shortcode appears to me.

    I would appreciate any help in this regard.

    Thank you

  9. M H D skriver:

    I think I got it. Adding special characters to the table name will cause this problem. I made a new table with just the alphabet characters, and it worked great. Thank you.

  10. Jess skriver:

    Great plugin! Is it possible to add shortcode to the fields so that you can combine cells in a row – something like #colspan# ?

  11. Simon skriver:

    Hi Jess, currently there are no colspan or rowspan functionality in this plugin. There has been som questions about that and I´ll ceirtenly consider adding that functionality in the future.

  12. lknmedia skriver:

    Has anyone seen issues with table styles not showing in IE 9?

  13. lknmedia skriver:

    SOLVED … There was a conflict with another table plugin. Works great now!

  14. Pembuat Website skriver:

    Very nice plugin. The readymade skins are very useful. I’ll be waiting for colspan and rowspan functionality :)

    You’re rock, Simon!

  15. Tekhne skriver:

    Love the plugin. A donation is on the way.

    Suggestions for new features:

    • Sortable columns
    • Ability to insert new rows in specific locations

    I’m creating tables to track numerically-labeled data that is updated frequently. Having the ability to re-sort the data in descending values or to add a row in a specific location is critical. Otherwise, I have to manually create new tables every time the data is updated.

  16. Henrygee skriver:

    yes, you know i’ve been looking for something like this for a very long tyme, Now i dont have to snap my table from Microsoft-word anymore . Thanks 1 moretime

  17. Studiofive skriver:

    Great plugin, easy to use and plenty of styling options. Donation sent, worth the money.

  18. Nate skriver:

    I cant get the rows?columns to show? worked at first install – now I cant get any lines or color. Heelp!

  19. Ian skriver:

    Thanks for a great plugin Simon – I am going to use it to create feature boxes for my site. Row and col span would be fantastic – look forward to your updates with anticipation.

    Cheers – Ian

  20. Gianluca skriver:

    nice plugin, but I do not see the borders, and the various styles … why?

  21. Paul skriver:

    Nice work! I’d really love to have the ability to update row and column placement without copy/pasting. That’s the only feature I’m missing.

  22. Tom skriver:

    Hi Simon.

    Really nice work – finally I can change my old tables!


  23. Jonas skriver:

    What an awesome plugin, Simon! Consider using it at my website curso.dk
    Looking forward to some new tabels.. :) Thanks man!

  24. girdhar skriver:

    have i done any mistale, kindly inform why my problem is deleted

    I cant add TABLES , is there any solution ?

    I am eager to use websimon

    • Simon skriver:

      Hi Girdhar, I get a lot of spam comments and I probably deleted your comment by mistake, sorry!

      I do not know why you can´t create tables. There was a problem in the first version of the plugin but that should have been fixed in the latest update. Please use the contact form above to send me an message with your problem instead.

  25. Jaana skriver:

    Hejsan Simon! I have tried to create a custom style table with transparent background. The problem is that column width settings doesn’t work with custom skin. Is there a way to solve the problem or can you add another skin with transparent background?

    • Simon skriver:

      Hej på dig också Jaana!
      I´ve never thought of adding an transparent skin but that is really easy so I´ll add that to future updates.
      I´ve just discovered the problem with custom widths with custom skin. A fix for that is in the next update (1.2) which I´ll try to do next week.

  26. Åsa skriver:

    Gillar pluginet och håller på att bygga en tabell. Funkade finfint när jag var inne och testade men nu när jag är inne och lagt till 20 ytterligare rader och klickar på spara så kommer jag til en sidan som säger
    Sorry, you cannot process data this way.


  27. merlissa skriver:

    Thank u so so much!1 Great Plugin!!

  28. tekri skriver:

    Hi, I’ve installed plugin, trying to add table, adding table name, row and column, click on add table, but then I don’t see any other option, no table listing.

    Please help

  29. girdhar skriver:

    I am also facing same problem.

    Simon told me to mail directly…. but i am transfering my hosting company so i thought will mail him after shifting hosting co.

    By the way, TEKRI are u using any other table plugin. May be that would be creating conflict

  30. Rosalie skriver:

    Excellent plugin – does exactly what you say it does – thank you!

    Like others though I really need a table that can be sorted – a similar function to the result when filters are added to an excel spreadsheet.

    If at any point you release this function either as standard or as a pro release I would be very happy to pay for it so please do keep me updated.


    • Simon skriver:

      Hi Rosalie,
      There has been alot of questions about this feature and I have added it to my future development list. I´m doing the plugin on my spare time so it will probably take some time before its ready.

  31. Jacqui skriver:


    Brilliant plugin – I have been trying to find a way to easily add tables. However, a small problem, I hope…..

    I have put one table (3 columns x 10 rows) in on one of my pages and it is brilliant. I put another table in on a different page (1 column x 2 rows) and it is just showing as 2 x very narrow columns. When I first refresh it shows it full width, but without the end line, but then quickly reverts to the narrow columns.

    I copied the first table in but as soon as I adjusted it – same problem.

    Hope you can help

  32. Girdhar skriver:

    I updated to latest version 1.02 and now I am able to create table.

    Simon, your plugin is wonderful, but I suggest one feature…..somehow we gets options of WYSIWYG. Means we can centralized the text, change color of text , bold-italic-underline, add images, hyperlinks, like we do in MS WORDS. I dont have knowledge of html code thats why I can make such changes.

    • Simon skriver:

      I´m glad the you got it to work Girdhar!
      I am not planing to make a WYSIWYG editor to this plugin, the reason for that is that I think it´s to much work to get it to work properly. But I will continue to make updates to the plugin (see faQ above)

  33. Daniel skriver:

    Is it possible to change the order of det rows.

    I vant the latest row to show first. Row 1 in the bottom…

  34. Richard skriver:

    Hi Simon,

    Is there a way to make this useable by all users? Right now I can only use it through an Administrative user. Thanks!


  35. Scott Tyler skriver:

    Hi Simon:

    Love your plugin–thanks. Seems to be the only one that actually works.

    OK, how do I get rid of the table header? There are many instances where the table header isn’t required and is a visual nuisance. Have you thought about adding a checkbox in the Edit Table Structure and Style toolbox to enable and disable it?

    Thanks again for the great work!


  36. Krzysztof skriver:

    Hi, great plugin – the only thing i cant figure out is how to rename already created table. Is there a poslibility for this? (when i make copy of existing table – i would like to have posibility to rename it after). This would help to organise tables better.

  37. john skriver:

    Good job !
    How to translate tables with qtranslate for example ?

  38. Michiel skriver:

    Hello SImon,

    How can I use the table when I have a WordPress Network of different WP-sites. Every site should use the same plugin input, but it seems I can only use it for one of the website. The others aren’t capable of creating a database it seems. I’m not sure what to do. Hope you have an idea. Thanks.

  39. Rob skriver:

    Just thought I’d drop a note here, in case anyone runs into a problem when adding rel=”nofollow” text links in Table Content. Remember to use the full URL – including HTTP:// when adding your link; this goes for images as well.
    If you don’t, the link will likely direct you to a 404 page on your site.
    Hope this helps.

    Simon, tack för denna plugin. Det är verkligen trevligt.


  40. Rob skriver:

    Synd om href länka ovan. :)

  41. Bill Bonds skriver:

    Hi Simon,
    I am unable to load pictures into the table content. What have I missed or am doing wrong please?
    I have tried : from the media library
    Copy but unable to paste into a cell
    Drag and drop – this just enters the location of the file in the cell without displaying the picture even after saving and updating the page on which the table resides.
    From picture libraries outside of wordpress – no pasting into a cell
    no dragging into a cell.

    • Simon skriver:

      Hi Bill, you need to use html markup to display a picture. There is no drag and drop functionality in the plugin. See FaQ for examples how to display a picture.

  42. Mac skriver:

    Hi Simon

    Wonderful job, keep up the good work. I’m sure I must also be doing something wrong because I’m having the same proble with displaying a picture in a cell.


  43. Rich skriver:

    Finally a table plugin worth using.

    One simple question. I have four columns and four rows. I’m using images and text.

    The images and next HEIGHT is not that big. However the space for each box has so much white space above and below the text and images.
    Is there a way to reduce the height of each row or the whole table. I want it to fit of course, but right now it appears that it is full size boxes.

  44. Mark Besh skriver:

    How do I control the space above and below the table? (Even though the style is ”paragraph” for the table and the text above and below, when I inserted the table, it put extra white space above and below the table: http://www.weldaid.com/wordpress/products/1st-zinc/

    Thanks for a great plug-in!

  45. Herschel skriver:

    Thanks so much for sharing the great little plugin with us.

    I was searching for something exactly like this all over the web.

    Highly appreciated!

  46. Herschel skriver:

    Hi Simon,

    I’ve played around with your plugin and really love it.

    I need you help though.

    The Color Picker feature does not work for me.
    I still have to manually input the color codes.

    What can the reason be for this?


    • Simon skriver:

      Hi Herschel
      I´ve noted that the javascript that makes that cool 😉 colorpicker sometimes doesn´t work. I´ll try to make an update for that in the next update.

  47. Paul Teall skriver:

    Hi –

    Is it possible to edit the table data anywhere on the backend? I’m wondering if there is a way to edit row numbers from within a file rather than doing the copy/paste method from within WordPress.


    • Simon skriver:

      Hi Paul
      I´m working on an update for the plugin as we speak (comment) that will add som more functionality backend. For example the possibility to add/delete rows and columns and the possibility to easy change the row order and column order. If everything goes as I plan this update will take place next week.

  48. Arnold skriver:


    two questions:

    is there a way to export and import tables?

    is it possible to change the default settings for structure and layout? I would like to set it to the blue layout and make some changes to the font sizes as well and keep those as default.


    • Simon skriver:

      Hi Arnold
      1) no, not yet. This won´t be in the next update which adds alot of functionality to table content manager. I will make both import and export features in updates ahead.
      2) The best way to do that is to duplicate a table. I will soon update the plugin and make it possible to change the tables name as well.

  49. Nancy skriver:

    Great plugin but I think there are some bugs in the new version. I figured you might need some testing help since you just released it today.
    I get an error when I try to rename: Warning: require_once(php/rename_table.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home3/[domainname/public_html/[wpname]/wp-content/plugins/websimon-tables/websimon_tables.php on line 149

    Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘php/rename_table.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home3/[domainname]/public_html/[wpname]/wp-content/plugins/websimon-tables/websimon_tables.php on line 149

    I also do not see any images on the update content page. They are all broken links. The functions do appear to work.

    Thank you for your hard work.

    • Simon skriver:

      Hi Nancy, thanks for letting me know so quickly, for some reason the new files hasn´t been transferred correctly to the wordpress plugin repository. I´m trying to fix this issue directly.

    • Simon skriver:

      I think it should work now. If you still are having problems try to update to version 1.1.2

  50. Paul Teall skriver:

    Hey Simon –

    First off, thanks for the update!

    Can you not update from within WordPress? It says I’m current, but I’m only on 1.02.


    • Simon skriver:

      Hi Paul, the update should be pushed out automatically by the wordpress repository… Hmm I need to have a look at way that isn´t working…

  51. Herschel skriver:

    Thanks so much Simon for fixing that color picker issue.

    And thanks for all the new features & updates.

  52. WK skriver:


    Just downloaded the new plugin version 1.3.1. In my custom skin I had changed the background color to ”transparent”. But with this new version the transparant color has changed into FFFFFF, white. I cannot change it back to transparent, because that is no option in the color picker. And if I type ”transparent” in the field it changed back to FFFFFF. Is it possible to have the table transparent?

  53. Maarten skriver:


    Your latest version is amazing, thanks a lot ! Since we can add, remove and move rows and columns inside a table, it’s really perfect…!

    The Martians Mega-3 thanks you, keep on the good work ! :)

  54. Rickard Lejon skriver:


    Jag gillar verkligen ditt plugin och planerar att använda det i en webbsida jag jobbar med just nu. Jag har ett problem att jag inte kan installera pluginet då jag inte använder wordpress utan ett hemsideprogram (N.nu). Jag har laddat hem pluginet från wordpress och jag undrar nu om jag kan använda någon av informationen i de nedladdade filerna för att använda i mitt hemsideprogram. Om detta är möjligt, vilken del är det då jag behöver för att kunna skapa tabellerna?

    Med vänlig hälsning

  55. DJ skriver:

    Hi Simon!
    I really like your plugin and would like to use it for my page! The tables look very cool!
    unfortunately it causes trouble with my theme when using Internet Explorer. Everything seems to be displaced. I’m using the ‘iFeature Pro 4’ theme for wordpress. Any ideas for solving this problem?

  56. meddy skriver:

    i have used this plugin , its nice but i am facing strange issue.

    table is created successfully but style is not apply , it display plain white….style apply to table

    please help me

  57. meddy skriver:

    yes i have tried that, but still i am facing this issue. in preview and live side both table style looks blank…. i am facing this issue after updating version 1.02

    • Simon skriver:


      It´s possible that you have had problems with a bug in version 1.3.1 that is fixed in version 1.3.2. It´s fixing the issue that you have problems with. If you still are having problems, please use the contact form above and we´ll take it from there.

  58. meddy skriver:

    one thing i would like to tell you that i have marked that in head there is wp-content/plugins/websimon-tables/css/table_skins.php

    in this php, insted of generate table css, there is whole code of my page..like start from <doctype to
    there is not css of table

    I hope this point is help you to understand and help me to get out of this issue……

    Thanks to reply

    • Simon skriver:

      This issue should be resolved in version 1.3.2, there was a small bug in version 1.3.1 that caused that error, if an update doesn´t help you you can contact me and we´ll take it from there

  59. Michal Žďánský skriver:


    Is it possible to move Websimon Tables from tools somewhere else? The problem is non-admin users can’t create them, they don’t have aceess to the tools items. And I’m not giving them admin permissions just because of the tables and I’m not willing to spend my time to create the tables for them. Can you please solve this?

  60. Arsie skriver:

    Thanks for this great table plugin, I am actually giving it a shot now. Hopefully it’s that easy to use.

  61. Tom skriver:

    Dear Simon.

    Your table plugin are simply the best table plugin I have ever used!

    Hope you will continue to develop :-)

    Best regards

  62. tushonline skriver:

    I used Table Reloaded but this one is equally powerful – probably, in some cases – your plugin is much more useful. I tried this on of the new client site and I was amazed with the output.

    Awesome. keep up the good work :)

  63. Aqeel skriver:

    Excellect plugin. We should thank you for this addon. 😉

  64. Michael McDonough skriver:

    First off, I just wanted to say I love this plugin, it’s by far the best one I’ve worked with. Quick question, is it possible to use an image as the entire table background rather then a color?

    Thank you.

    • Simon skriver:

      Hi Michael,

      There is no built in option for that. You can of course make some simple hacks yourself if you are used to handle html and css.

      I´ll consider adding that feature in the future

  65. Joerg skriver:


    I love this plugin, but I´d like to put a link into one cell which opens a contact form in a lightbox. The lightbox is activated via shortcode but it seems that shortcodes do not work in the table? Is there a way to make these shortcodes work?

    • Simon skriver:

      Hi Joerg, currently there are no support for shortcodes inside of the table, I´m considering adding that feature in the future.

      • Joerg skriver:

        Hi Simon,

        thank you for your reply. Is it possible to pay you for adding it? The business I´m working for needs this plugin so badly :)

        • Simon skriver:

          Hi Joerg, thanks for your offer 😉 but currently I do not have any time to do that. But I can promise that I´ll try to add it to the plugin repository (for free) as soon as I´ve got some time and energy 😉

  66. Gavin skriver:

    Hi Joerg,

    Thanks for this great plugin. Really love it. 1 vote from me. BTW, can I change the download button to Paypal button?

  67. drss skriver:

    thanks for the plugin, yet, i dont know how to insert a text within table cell… i paste the ws_table id=”2″ (btw square brackets) into my page, the table is there without any content…thx in advance

  68. drss skriver:

    oops! sorry, i ve just fount it out! it’s in edit content..
    thnks a lot

  69. drss skriver:

    is it possible to use html tags within cells’ content?, ive been trying but in vain

  70. Bob B skriver:

    I’m migrating my site, which uses serveral Websimon tables, to another server. I did a WP Export, but the tables were not included.

    Besides having to recreate each table, is there an easy way to copy the tables to my new server?


    • Simon skriver:

      There is no easy way to export the contents of the tables. There is of course a way to do it manually by installing the plugin in your new installation and then exporting and then importing the table ”wp_websimon_tables” with for example phpmyadmin. This is also possible through plugins like WP-DB-Backup where you can download database tables inside of wordpress admin.

      These options are of course not the best ones and I will add a feature for this in upcoming releases.

  71. Rob skriver:

    Hey There

    I am not able to add any tables for some reason? I am assigning a table name, number of rows and number of columns but it is not generating a new table.

    Could the issue be a conflict between another table plugin I have? I am using the CSS3 Web Pricing Tables Grid.


  72. Hey Simon,

    Mange tak for et rigtig fedt plugin, som der virkelig har været brug for til WordPress længe.

    Jeg bruger det selv på et par af mine egne sider samt en del af mine kunders.

    Keep up the good work og kom gerne med noget mere snart :)

  73. Graeme skriver:

    Hey Simon,

    I have been using these very successfully on clients websites, so thank you.

    However I do have an issue with the tables in that in custom the ‘Table Content Colours’ don’t work. They only show a plain white background?

    • Simon skriver:


      There was a bug in an earlier version that caused that problem but that should be resolved in the latest update. Check that you have the latest version first, if that does not work you can contact me through the contact form above.

  74. Graeme Kite skriver:

    Hi – great plugin – thanks! However, I’ve noticed that if you used the functionality to ‘remove header’ then the column %width tick boxes no longer function properly. All works fine when the ‘remove header’ is unticked again.

    • Simon skriver:

      Hi, thanks for your input. The column widths is set in the header and thats why it stops working. I´ll check if I can make a workaround for that!

  75. Tina Bartlett skriver:


    Can you tell me if there are a maximum number of rows to a table. When I increase mine above 500, it stops saving any data?



    • Simon skriver:

      Hi Tina,
      There is no maximum set to the number of rows but there is a limit on how many chars the table content can contain. The limit is a string with a maximum length of 16,777,215 characters (approx 3 million words).

      • Tina Bartlett skriver:

        Thanks Simon

        SO would I be better off just adding a new table if I need to rather than extending the original one beyond 500 rows. I’m likely to need around 700 but when I alter it to that, it won’t save data.

        Otherwise it’s a great plug-in :)

        • Simon skriver:

          Hi, if that works for you it could be a good idea. I´ve heard similar problems for other users of the plugin but I have never succesfully been able to recreate (and fix) the problem.

  76. Mustafa skriver:

    How can I embed a flash video in a cell?

  77. Jippi skriver:

    Pluginen är kanon men ja saknar radbryt och knappar för länkar och fet text. Får den det blir det lätt den bästa tabellpluginen på wp!

  78. Dante skriver:

    Any idea on when the import and export feature will come? I have a large client that has lots of tables and they would take forever to cut and paste.

    By the way, this is the best tables design plugin ever! Thanks!!!


  79. Steve skriver:

    Hi Simon – first off, thank you for the table plugin, it’s very flexible and hasn’t caused problems with .js on my site like most of the other table related plugins I’ve tried.

    My question, is there a min-width set on the table anywhere? I’m trying to include the table in a responsive design I’m working on and it’s fine for a range of screen sizes until I get down to smart phone/tablet size. At that point the table seems to extend beyond the boundary of its container – the table seems to stop adapting once it reaches around the 440px width.

    Thanks for any information

  80. Martin S skriver:

    Hi, thanks for a great plugin. I’m not very good at html but is there a way to make an ”entire row” into a cklickable link? I figured out how to make individual words/cells of the table into links but I would like to create a table where you can click anywhere on a row and go to a different page (I’m making a list of apartment for sale with different information in the different fields but every horisontal row is an individual apartment, I want to be able to click on any one of the apartments and get to a separate page for that apartment)

    Martin S

  81. Frank skriver:

    Love the plugin. Is there a way of having different color and/or size font in each table cell?

  82. Alan skriver:

    Hi there,

    I love what you have done with this plug-in but am hoping you can help me.

    I am using the latest version 1.3.2. of your plug-in with a current version of wordpress. Please see the page with table that I am talking about. As you can see the data displays but the table and format do not. thailand-tigers . com/games/

    I suspect this could be a conflict with the CSS coding but would really appreciate your advice.

    Thanks Alan

    • Simon skriver:

      Hi, I took a quick look and the problem is that the css script (table_skins.php) isn´t loaded. Are you using wp_head()in your theme?

      I will update the plugin in a couple of days anyway and I think that will sort out your problem.

  83. Kevin skriver:

    Hello Simon,

    Love the table plugin you created. Updated your plugin to the latest version today and all our tables vanished from our pages. They were all there and functioning fine before this last update. Here is a link to our site, after every image there should be a table with info about the images.


    Please advise on when a fix can remedy this problem or is there something I’m overlooking?

    Thank you.

    • Simon skriver:

      Hi Kevin, there were som files that wasn´t uploaded the first 5 – 10 minutes of the update. These files are now included so if you download the plugin and add all of the files in the plugin folder (do not delete the plugin) this should fix your problem. If this do not work please contact me through the contact field above.

      • Kevin skriver:

        Thanks for the response back Simon. Really appreciate it. I uploaded the folder to my plugins directory as you specified. Everything seems to be good now except for a left adjustment with the tables only on tables with 6 columns. It’s probably something on my end that needs to be tweaked. Thanks again for your help in this matter.


  84. Jan skriver:

    Hello Simon,

    I am quite happy with your plugin but I am struggeling with one thing. I have a multi-sites wordpress for different languages but your plugin is only working in the first one. I do see your plugin in every site under tools but it fails to add a new table.

    Any ideas / work arounds?


  85. Alan skriver:

    Hi Simon,

    I just downloaded the new update and everything is working perfectly now. I am not a web developer and do not know how to load the css script (table_skins.php)so you have saved me a lot of research and messing around. I will certainly be recommending your plug-in to my friends. Thank you soooooo much…


  86. dave skriver:


    when trying to import a csv file (First row is headlines), i get an error

    Warning: Division by zero in ../html/wp-content/plugins/websimon-tables/php/requests.php on line 351

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at …/html/wp-content/plugins/websimon-tables/php/requests.php:351) in …/html/wp-content/plugins/websimon-tables/php/requests.php on line 397″

    • Simon skriver:

      Hi Dave, the import function is still in beta, if it´s ok with you you can always contact me via the contact field above and maybe I can try with your csv file and try to recreate the problem.

  87. Serg skriver:

    Hello! Thank you for good table plagin. I have problem. Text In preview is normal but on my site the same text is wrong. Size of numerals is not equal. Why does it happen?

  88. Boris skriver:

    That’s a great plugin you’ve made Simon, thank you!
    I do have one question: earlier in this thread, you’ve said that you would add the possibility of a transparent background, but I can’t get it to work. When I enter ”transparent”, it’s automatically shifted back to FFFFFF. Would be great if you could implement it!

  89. Jared skriver:

    Hi, I’m using your plugin on a site with high traffic and my hosting company sent me the following message: ”Most of the load is caused by the high number of executions of wp-content/plugins/websimon-tables/css/table_skins.php. It seems the Websimon Tables plugin is dynamically generating a CSS file each time your website is visited. Please check if you can use a static CSS file instead.”

    Is there an easy solution to generate a static CSS file? Appreciate the help!

  90. Jan skriver:

    Seems to be a very nice table plugin.
    Used Tables Reloaded before and like this one more!

  91. Mike skriver:


    I’ve got a stupid question – I’m trying to insert and image into the table and after reading how to do it in FAQ I’m still having trouble.

    Is it possible you could give me more idiot proof instructions?

    me not so smart

  92. Benjamin skriver:

    Hey Simon,

    Very nice plugin !

    I have however a question :

    – since your plugin ‘inject’ the style for the table right before the table is inserted it seems like I cannot make the table ”responsive” by changing the font-size depending on the media query (even with the css !important flag)

    -> Thus my question : could you add an option for your plugin to not output any styling at all ? (This way I could use my responsive CSS instead)

    Or at least I would like to be able to change the font-size depending on the media query as with a 1.2em font it’s almost impossible to view a 6 columns table containing words a bit long.



    PS : if you have another solution I’m taking 😉

    • Simon skriver:

      It´s kind of a problem where the dynamic css is loaded. In the previos versions the css was loaded as a script and when users had alot of tables that script took waaay to long to load. This solution is not very nice either and I´m looking for a better way to solve it.

      You can always hack the plugin to suit your needs if you are familiar with php.

  93. Matt skriver:

    It would really be helpful to be able to style the left column with bold or something so it can be a table besides just headers at the top.

    • Martin skriver:


      If you want bold, you can just write your text. I just found this out myself, but it can really come in handy. I agree it would be nice to have the possibility to flip the headers so they where on the left instead of on the top, but with bold at least it’s something 😉

      Good luck!

  94. Kristina skriver:

    First, thank you! I love your plugin and have been using it for a while. The only trouble is that I now have so many tables on my site (over 400) that the CSS file it generates has gotten out of hand—it’s got so many classes that older versions of Internet Explorer can’t parse the whole thing! As a result, many tables were rendering in those browsers without any styling at all. To solve this, I simply edited the plugin so that tables using a skin will reuse that skin’s CSS classes, instead of generating new classes for each table ID when using a predefined skin.

    That would be the end of it, except you’re such a great developer, you’re making new updates and features all the time that I’m not able to utilize because my plugin is modded! Is there any chance that this idea of reusing classes could be included in a future update, so that I can start updating to the current version again?

    Thank you!

  95. Andrew skriver:

    Hi, re CSV loading I posted before. I am having hosting co check some other issues like using images in the header which isnt working either! Its a new host for me so might be server side problem preventing CSV file being read. See how the Participants Database plugin does it. That works fine.

    Second, This might be a challenge but I have a requirement where logged in users need a column they can see with other information that the usual public browser cannot. This could be CSS to hide a column/row or using an SQLview perhaps? Quite a big one that I understand.

    Sorting/searching is also high on my list.

    Thanks for great plugin.

  96. Is there any reason that chrome wouldn’t acknowledge the changed width? I’ve set it to 640px and 30% 30% 30% and can see three columns in firefox, but in chrome, I am only seeing 2 columns. The page is here.

  97. doguhanokumus skriver:

    Hi, when retrieving data from .csv you are killing one column by reducing it by one in requests.php
    $name = $_POST[‘import_table_name’];
    if ($heads)
    $rows = $nr_of_rows-1;
    $cols = $nr_of_cols-1;

    you can change it to the following to resolve the issue:
    $cols = $nr_of_cols;

    I have also tested it.

    Great plug-in thank you!

  98. jordi skriver:

    good pluguin, thanks!
    But, Could you translate this post, would be better.

  99. Kristian skriver:

    How do i align the table to either side of the page? Not just content in table but the whole table?
    Besides that it´s just a great plugin :)


  100. roteiro skriver:

    Hi Simon,
    Thanks for the very nice plugin.
    Please help me on this simple question:
    some cells in my table must have multiple lines with some random values, but even if I start a neww line with ”enter” it keeps following the previous value in the same line. How to force the end of line?

    Thank you!!!

  101. Pernilla skriver:

    Jag är så tacksam för att jag hittade ditt plugin! Jag provade några innan och blev smått galen för att tabellerna inte gick att editera som jag ville. Sen provade jag din – TACK!

  102. steven skriver:

    Hi simon thanks for this plugin.

    i have a bunch of errors when i use this plugin.
    is there a way to contact you to send more information?
    i cant find a contact form here.

    Best regards

  103. Mark Reed skriver:

    hi simon! great plug in! I just sent a donation!

    I am seeing a small problem – on my table, the vertical borders are not showing in all places. It skips them in areas. Look at: http://shiningstarphotobooth.com/packages-and-rates/ and notice where it skips

    I do not know how to fix this – is it a bug?

    • Martin skriver:

      Hi Mark.

      This appears on my site as well. Did you find a way to fix it?



      • Mark Reed skriver:

        no – I have not found a way to fix it. Hopefully Simon responds or it fixed in an update soon. I have people commenting on the visual bug.

        • Simon skriver:

          Hi Mark, I took a look in firefox, chrome and IE8 and the only one that had problems was IE. There is a problem for IE to display box shadows since this is not supported in that browser. Maybe this could be the problem?

  104. Martin skriver:


    Great plugin!

    In my table i have ”Horizontal text align body:left”. Is there a html code (or css or another solution) so I can have one cell with align right? Or even better, is there a way to do this with a whole column?


  105. John skriver:

    Hi. I love your plug-in. But I recently ran into a problem with the tables showing in Internet explorer. I am using the dark red and white skin and it worked fine but now in ie it won’t show he red at all, but instead shows the table as being faded. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks.

    • Simon skriver:

      Hi John, there has been some problems with IE and CSS3 since alot of features isn´t supported in IE<9. This can also be caused by invalid markup inside your table.

  106. Gayle skriver:

    I really like this plugin! It seems to what I need except that I need for Editors to be able to edit the tables. Right now only an admin can edit them. I looked at User Role Editor to see if I could add the capablility there and no.

    Can you tell me how to give Editors level users the ability to create and edit tables?

    Thank you!

    • Simon skriver:

      Hi, it is of course possible to edit the plugins source code and change the user roles that has access to the plugin page. I will consider adding support for different roles in upcoming releases.

  107. Wicher skriver:

    This plugin is what i was looking for!
    Is there any option to change Hover colour in Custom Skin Edit? Can i do it by changes in css via table_skins.php?


    • Simon skriver:

      Hi, no there is no option for this (yet). I think it is better to add som styles before your table for example in your posts html mode. This way you won´t be having any problems if the plugin is updated.

  108. Den Heslop skriver:

    Hi there, I’ve installed the plugin as recommended but cannot see any tables in the list – either created or imported?
    I am however using Woothemes Canvas – is this a problem?

    Thanks, Den

    • Den Heslop skriver:

      Hi again Simon,
      I’ve reinstalled your plugin and tried using other browsers but still get the same result – add a table, the screen refreshes, but the table doesn’t appear in the list?
      I just get this result:

      ID Name Rows × Cols Shortcode PHP code Edit
      ID Name Rows × Cols Shortcode PHP code Edit

      Thanks, Den.

  109. Dan Boutell skriver:

    I like your plug-in and it works great for my needs. However, it seems to be holding me for ransom right now. It seems to want me to contribute $10. I’ll gladly contibute $10, but your paypal site is all in non-English form. Please present an English format so I can continue with my site.

  110. 3rdworldman skriver:

    I just LOVE this plug-in! It is the BEST way to format data on a WordPress blog that I have ever seen! I have installed/used alot of WP Plugins over the years, and this is the 1st one that has excited me enough to comment how great it is. As soon as I can afford it, I will be donating to help you keep updating this! Keep up the good work! Steve (3rdworldman)

  111. Mandos skriver:

    Please can I have the back the hours I wasted trying to make Easy Tables do what I just created in 10 mins using Websimon Tables! Worth every dollar I just donated. Bravo!

  112. iConZz-Be skriver:

    Hi im having problems im using this plugin now its so nice but if i put it in a full width page im not able to center it ho is this possible to get it in the center.


  113. Daniel skriver:

    Hi, thanks for your work but the Plugin dosnt work for my blogs (nearly 10). i installed original WP 3.5.1 (on of them completly new and without other plugins, but websimon-tables dosnt work. i dint see these little icons in the articel writing section. i have own db table prefixes like xyzwp_table is this a problem?

  114. Pulau Tidung skriver:

    Hi simon thank you very much, I use this plugin in my web. This is a great plugin

  115. Fran skriver:

    Hi Simon,

    Another bump for letting users sort the tables based on clicking the headers. I was looking for an alternative to tablepress when I came across your colution. Your table look much better than other solutions but for me I do need this sorting function. Happy to donate if and when this is implemented.

    All the best, Fran

  116. Jack skriver:

    This is the best table plugin I’ve seen. Thank you very much. It works really well on mobile-capable sites.

    As soon as you implement span col/row, I’ll make a donation

  117. Hossein skriver:

    thanks for your plugin, but after installation when i want to add a table it doesnt do anything at all, i cant see my table in the list

  118. Edward skriver:

    What an excellent tables plug-in. I have scheduled a donation for you. This is the only plugin that I could use to get georgeous tables with very little customisation. Thank you.

  119. Gail Lobel Rand skriver:

    Unless I am overlooking something, is there a way to NOT specify a color for a td background? I dont’ want the table to cover the background.

  120. Efrem skriver:


    I’m trying to use shortcode for the plugin JW Player inside of a Websimon table but it’s not working properly. The player gets rendered but the audio file is not found.

    If I insert *the very same short code* outside of my table, the player works just fine.

    I would love to support this plugin with a donation and would be happy to do so if I could get some help resolving this issue.

    Thank you for your attention.


  121. Glasgow SEO skriver:

    Just what I need for my website. Thank you very much!

  122. cat skriver:

    great tool, exactly what I needed! Just one question: how can I change colours for single rows? that’d be awesome. thx for the great work!

  123. I used Websimon Tables in my former blog and it worked great, I think it is an excellent tool! But I changed domain and theme (Twenty Eleven) and now I can’t implement the shortcode in my posts, because when I hit Update, I get this error message:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/qb401131/data/www/devoedzamekeuken.nl/irisindekeuken/wp-content/plugins/websimon-tables/php/table_skins.php:1079) in /var/www/qb401131/data/www/devoedzamekeuken.nl/irisindekeuken/wp-admin/post.php on line 222

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/qb401131/data/www/devoedzamekeuken.nl/irisindekeuken/wp-content/plugins/websimon-tables/php/table_skins.php:1079) in /var/www/qb401131/data/www/devoedzamekeuken.nl/irisindekeuken/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 875

    What is wrong and what can I do about it? Now I have to stear back people to my old domain to see the tables….

  124. nani skriver:

    Nice work simon. we would look further for more updates. Keep updating.
    Virtual Assistant Services

  125. Angelo skriver:

    Hi Simon

    Let me start by saying what a great PLUGIN & I wish you every success with this.

    I have just installed the plugin on a second site. However I seem to be unable to import all my tables from one site to another in one go. I cannot find the functionality to import 111 tables into my new site all in one go

    Please help.

    Many Thanks

  126. Jessica skriver:

    Great plugin! Will you be updating this plugin any time soon so that it is compatible with WordPress 3.6?

  127. Boris skriver:

    Hi Simon,
    you’ve made a wonderful plugin, I use it often on the sites I build, thank you!

    I do have one feature request (seems to have been asked before, but mainly about the front end): can you implement a way to sort the tables in WP-admin? If you have a lot of tables, the overview is much diminished without it. By adding a sorting option for title, it would make the overview much better.

  128. Rafael skriver:

    Hi, how can i change the fonts? Great plugin btw

  129. Jack skriver:

    I know it’s in beta, but I can’t seem to get the importer working. I have a ”perfect” CSV file and I upload it to the media library and then put the URL into the importer, it seems to get a file with the website wrapped around a page containing a link to the uploaded file.

    Can you explain how to get the file URL from the media library?

    • Jack skriver:

      I really need to get the importer working, so I uploaded the CSV file to my server and provided a URL to the importer.

      Unfortunately, it took the entire first record and put in in the 1st cell (without regard for ”,”).

      It then appeared to parse the remainder of the file properly except the structure was already determined to be only 1 column wide.

      There appears to be some bug in how it parses the 1st record in the file. Maybe it’s because I have forward slash in the first cell?

      Here is a link to my file and the contents below:


      10/1/2013,4,2 Best Balls of 4 ,Chelsea
      10/8/2013,2,*Combined Best Ball – Pick Your Partner,Golf Shop
      10/15/2013,4,2 Best Balls Stableford with Pro,Chelsea
      10/22/2013,2,Couples Tournament – Tues. & Wed.,Golf Shop
      10/29/2013,2,One Best Ball,Chelsea
      11/5/2013,4,Stableford Points,Chelsea
      11/12/2013,2,*2 Ball Match Play Begins,Golf Shop
      11/19/2013,4,Scramble with Pro,Chelsea
      11/26/2013,4,Jack & Jill,Golf Shop
      12/3/2013,4,2 Best Balls of 4,Chelsea
      12/10/2013,2,*True Alternate Shot – Pick Your Partner,Golf Shop
      12/17/2013,4,3 Best Balls with Pro,Chelsea
      12/24/2013,1,Individual Low Gross / Low Net,Chelsea
      12/31/2013,3,3 Man Scramble – Pick Your Threesome,Golf Shop
      1/7/2014,,Event Canceled Due To Weather,
      1/14/2014,2,*Member/Member Rd #1,Golf Shop
      1/21/2014,1,Member / Member Rd #2,
      1/28/2014,1,President’s Cup Rd #1,Golf Shop
      2/4 & 2/5,2,MEMBER GUEST – Tues. & Wed.,Golf Shop
      2/11/2014,2,*President’s Cup Rd #2,
      2/18/2014,1,Championship Rd #1,Golf Shop
      2/25/2014,1,Championship Rd #2,
      3/4/2014,1,Championship Rd #3,
      3/5 & 3/8,1,Championship Finals,Wednesday & Saturday
      3/11/2014,4,”*3,2,1 Best Ball – Pick Your Foursome”,Golf Shop
      3/18/2014,4,3 Best Balls with Pro,Chelsea
      3/25/2014,1,ShootOut ,Chelsea
      4/1/2014,4,Stableford Points with Pro,Chelsea
      4/8/2014,2,*1 Best Ball of 2 – Pick Your Partner,Golf Shop
      4/15/2014,1,Individual Point Quota,Chelsea
      4/22/2014,2,One Best Ball,Chelsea
      4/29/2014,4,Two Best Balls of Four,Chelsea
      5/6/2014,4,4 Man Stableford Points,Chelsea
      5/13/2014,2,*2 Man Scramble – Pick Your Partner,Golf Shop
      5/20/2014,4,2 Best Balls of 4 with Pro,Chelsea
      5/27/2014,2,Modified Alternate Shot,Golf Shop

  130. Rachel skriver:

    Great plug-in! Very easy to use. I’ve run into two problems: Vertical text alignment doesn’t respond to selected options; and the column width doesn’t respond to selected percentages. Help? Thanks!

  131. aj skriver:

    I’m trying to install the plugin on my site and was having an issue with the importer. Using a csv file

    AJ Archibald

  132. Hi Simon,
    Thanks very much for the websimon plugin. I love the design of the tables and how easy it is to add them. However, there is a big blank space above the tables in the page where I have put them and I was wondering how to get rid of that.

    My website is http://allthingslowcarbhighfat.com/blog/upcoming-shows-information/podcasts/episode-0-10/

    I would really appreciate any help you could give me.

    Jennifer Matthews

  133. Daniel skriver:

    Thank you very for this great table. I have just found it and I have tried it on one of my blogs. Thanks so much. It is a great tool which will help me greatly enhance my blogging experience. May be for the future, their could be a means added for us to develop templates and add them easily into the library so that your table plugging becomes much more versatile. Thanks again!

  134. Lena Larje skriver:

    Help!! I´m running an Intranet with Word press 3.5.2 – Sv/SE and Buddy Press 1.9.2.

    I was trying to upgrade Websimon Tables (to 1.3.4) and it didn´t work, and the version I had was uninstalled…. Now my tables don´t show… I don´t know if I was running 1.3.2 or 1.3.3 Can I download them again somewhere? Or what do I do?

    I can upgrade to WP 3.8.1 but is Websimon tables 1.3.4 working with that version?

    Regards Lena

    • Lena Larje skriver:

      I have now installed version 1.3.2 of Websimon Tables. BUT all my data in the tables seems to been deleted when I was trying to upgrade. Could that realy have happened? Where, in wich folder/katalog is the data stored? Is there any backup?? (I have over 20 tables with linked dokuments) This Table Plugin has been perfect otherwise,Thank you, so please I hope I can get my data back..

  135. Tianna skriver:

    Can you create a table that is interactive, meaning users click in a cell to reveal its contents?

  136. Josh skriver:

    I asked this before, but my comment was deleted. Is there a way to make the table scroll on small screens? On some iphones the tables doesn’t render correctly and will not scroll.

  137. Elie skriver:

    hello, I am using the latest version of the plugin but I am not able to see the transparent background, is their a workaround for it?

  138. Jan skriver:

    Hello !

    It works wonderfull !!! Thank you very much.

    I have one question: Is it possible to get the table more on the top of a page ??

    many greetings from Holland


  139. MoneysMyLife skriver:

    Hi, I was wondering if you could show me what code changes to make to allow using the tables in my sidebar. You’ve helped me out before with this same question. Thanks.

  140. Steve skriver:

    Hi, first a wanna say that is is a good plugin.
    But i have a problem, i can’t center my text anymore.
    My text is staying left in the column and i want it in the center. Even if i duplicate a table where the text is in the center of the column it stays left. Please a little help

  141. Wilfred skriver:

    this the best table plug-in I know if you tell me how to align different items in different cells or explain how I can use css tags.
    Thanks in advance!

  142. Malcolm skriver:

    Is there a way of removing the ‘PHP code’ column from the ALL TABLES list on the Websimon page in the admin panel?

    The guy who is editing the tables has a small monitor and the table titles in the ‘Name’ column have wrapped into several lines, making them hard to identify.

    Screenshot here: http://www.lymingtondistrictdartsleague.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Websimon-all-tables-page.jpg

  143. Jan skriver:

    Hello ! This plugin works wunderfull !!! Thank you !

    I have one question and that is about the ”custom tables”: I had to use MANY tables and do now (afterwards) wonder I it would be possible to save a configuration (tu use it more) ?? No idea about ”programming”. so……

    many greetings from Holland, Jan

  144. Malcolm skriver:

    Does anyone have any idea how I could do this?

    Is there a way of removing the ‘PHP code’ column from the ALL TABLES list on the Websimon page in the admin panel?

    The guy who is editing the tables has a small monitor and the table titles in the ‘Name’ column have wrapped into several lines, making them hard to identify.

    Screenshot here: http://www.lymingtondistrictdartsleague.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Websimon-all-tables-page.jpg

  145. soam skriver:

    hi simon!

    I deleted some tables. But now it’s not showing ”Shortcode” for new tables i create. What to do?

  146. soam skriver:

    hi simon!

    If I delete some tables, the table ID remains in database and we cannot create the table with the deleted ID. But now it’s not showing ”Shortcode” for new tables I create. Please help

  147. Jan skriver:

    Hello ! Is it possible to make a linkt to a Excel-document ??

    Thank you and greetings from Holland, Jan

  148. Jan skriver:

    I found the solution already myself :)


  149. hey
    thanks for your plugin, How can I embed a flash video in a cell?

  150. bob skriver:

    great plug-in..is it possible to allow the contents of tables to be searchable with the built in wordpress search feature.. I’m showing a bunch of ”sample documanet” and being able to search would be beneficial.

  151. Mike skriver:


    I like this plugin very much, it´s useful. But for any reason images don´t appear centered in cells. They appear near to top. I try activating option to center body text but this doesn´t work for images.
    I´ve tried with ”align” and doesn´t work.

    Any idea? Thanks.

  152. roubbi skriver:


    I need your perfect plugin I can’t remplace it.

    Please can you adapt it to WordPress 3.9.1 ?

    Thank you so much

  153. Paul skriver:

    The right sidebar covers up part of the chart when I make the internet browser smaller, is there a way for the chart to get smaller and larger, not a fixed width, but one that adjusts?

  154. Stephen skriver:

    If you’re having problems with the column width percentages not working, this can happen when you have too many column headings with too much text in them, and the table has run out of space to expand individual columns.

    The solution is to create more horizontal space by reducing the number of columns, or shortening the heading text in some columns.

    Column width percentages are also handled by browsers on a ”first come, first served” type of system, so if you set a higher percentage at one of the earlier columns on the left-hand side, it’s more likely to use up the available space compared to a high percentage on a columns towards the end.

  155. Jan skriver:

    Hello !

    Is there a possibility to create ”double-lines” ??

    Thnak you for your great plugin !!

    many greetings from Holland,


  156. leo skriver:

    i was testing out the plugin by creating a test table (2×2). i entered the code into my post and when i did a post review, i got a blank page. i even tried posting it live and still, no avail. i even changed the colors and no luck either.
    any suggestions?

  157. Jan skriver:

    I had the same the first time, but……did forget to ”save”/update the page !!


  158. Mike skriver:

    I love your Table Plugin and I would like to send you a donation to thank you. But I can’t find the Donate button, on this page.

    Where is it please?


  159. Chris skriver:

    Is it possible to make page/post text wrap around the table? Seems like it should be an easy fix but I haven’t been able to figure it out.

    Love the plugin btw.


  160. Kent skriver:

    Nice plugin!

    Any chance for a future feature where we could revert all entries based on one column so the first is last and so on?

  161. Arun skriver:

    I am trying to import a csv file into the websimon tables. But, I am getting this error always ”Could not read the file, please make sure you have entered a valid file url.”. The file url I entered is correct, when I enter it in the browser, I am able to see the data there. But, websimon plugin is giving me the above error, and not loading any data.

    COuld anyone please help me, seems like many of you have used the csv import feature…

    This is my file url: http://www.oracleappsvideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/TableTestUpload.csv


  162. Nick skriver:

    Problem-When looking at my site from other browsers (firefox, Internest explorer) The tables are not lining up properly. Looks great in chome… PLEASE HELP!

  163. Nick skriver:

    My site is echounionmusic.com

  164. Tammy Klein skriver:

    my website table partially shows on android and iphone smart phones. Is there a fix to ensure the whole table shows with any type of device for my wp

  165. ipl 2015 skriver:

    This is really nice plugin
    I am using this on my blog


  166. Kashif skriver:

    Hi. Is there a way to hide table headline?

  167. Michele skriver:


    I just added an image to every cell in my last column. I would like to align it vertically and horizontally. I am trying with HTML attribute align=”middle” but it does not work. Any idea on how to do this?



  168. Pandu Aji skriver:

    thanks for this greats plugin, i will use on my new online store :)

  169. Josh skriver:


    I have recently installed a drop down list on a page http://www.scoreboardshockers.com/nrl/results-rankings/ and I am trying create a link for each table listed in the drop down list.

    How am I able to do this with websimon?



  170. Yesaya Christian skriver:

    Thanks for your really nice and simple plugin. I use it in my website.

  171. travel skriver:

    Hello, hmm is it chance to use html tags within cells’ content?, ive been trying but in vain? Thx

  172. Ted Klopp skriver:

    Is there a way to adjust the amount of padding on the top and bottom of the table?

  173. Ted Klopp skriver:

    Is there a way to adjust the padding at the top and bottom of the table.

  174. Jessica skriver:

    Hi There,

    When I try to ”save table content” in the dashboard, I get the following error:

    You don’t have permission to access /wp-admin/tools.php on this server.

    The URL with the error is pointing to:

    If I just go to /wp-admin/tools.php or any of the other menu items under tools, there are no errors.

    Can you please help?


  175. Peter John skriver:

    thanks for amazing table. it is the best table.

  176. Berita Terbaru skriver:

    Thanks for Amazing Plugin.

    This is really nice plugin..

  177. Derek skriver:

    Awesome plugin. This is the best Table plugin for WordPress, I prefer it over TablePress :)

  178. ali skriver:

    How do I insert last tables in a drop down menu?

  179. Mark skriver:

    Hi, Ive just tried to find your websimon tables plugin for a new site im doing and I cant find it listed on WordPress any more?

  180. Boris skriver:

    Hi Simon,
    your plugin has disappeared from the WordPress repository and I’m having trouble copying tables (using plugin v1.3.4 and WP 4.3). Please tell me that you are still keeping the plug-in up-to-date, I’ve got it working at dozens of sites!
    Thank you!

    • Simon Rybrand skriver:

      This plugin has been removed from the wordpress repository by the admins of that repository. According to them there were security risks with the plugin. I do not have time to make updates of the plugin in the future so for now it will not be updated. I recommend that you use another plugin for your tables.

      • Boris skriver:

        That’s a shame! Do you know if the supposed security risks are serious? It would take me a lot of time to replace it on all the sites I’ve used it…

      • Andre skriver:

        I have used those on a couple of production sites. It would be a pain to remove or change. Is there a serious issue or not?

        • Simon Rybrand skriver:

          Hi, there is not protection against Reflected Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) in two places. It would not be much work to fix this since I have been pretty strict to actually add that protection (wp_nonce) to my plugins. (I am a bit surprised that I missed those lines of code…)
          My main problem is that I have so much work right now so I do not know if or when I have the time to make this update since I do not do this to get any money.
          But I do understand yours and others problem if you have alot of tables already…
          Anyways, I recommend that you slowly move over to another plugin.

  181. Henry skriver:


    I am the same as the last commenter in that I have a number of websites using this plugin.
    Having tried over a dozen table plugins, and yours is the best by far. I appreciate the hours you have worked in developing this plugin and the time required to update it. If you can email me, perhaps we can discuss compensation for you to update the plugin.

    Thank you

  182. Cris skriver:

    i use this plugin for a while and it fits to my projects, but i have a question… is there a way to show a certain number of rows from a table? i mean for example i have a table with 30 rows but i want to be visible just the first 10?
    waiting for your answer,

  183. shemul skriver:

    thanks for this greats plugin, i will use on my new online store :) :)

  184. Stephen skriver:

    Details of the vulnerability:

    It seems to be only an issue for authenticated users, i.e. users with some level of access to the admin dashboard, not normal site visitors.

  185. jamie skriver:

    yes, you know i’ve been looking for something like this for a very long tyme, Now i dont have to snap my table from Microsoft-word anymore .

  186. Ken skriver:

    Hi Simon,

    What if someone paid you to fix the plugin? We can partner and fix this thing for the many people who love this plugin.

    Please let me know.


  187. Gunung Butak skriver:

    I had the same the first time, but……did forget to ”save”/update the page !!

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  190. K.Q. skriver:

    Hello! I found a strange problem. Namely, the plugin crashes when the word ”band” is in the content (content can not be updated, returns 404). After removing this word (or replacing it with another one) everything is OK.

    Version 1.3.4 and previously the problem did not occur.

    Has anyone met with this issue?… 😉