2013 Jan 2

Version 1.3.3 of websimon tables is released

Today, 2013-01-02, I´ve released a new version of the plugin websimon tables.. The version number is 1.3.3 and you can download it from the wordpress repository.

New features, beta import/export and minor bugfixes

In this version I´ve made some structure changes to the plugin and added some new features:

  • There is now support for shortcodes inside of the table content.
  • There is now more options to choose column width for tables with alot of columns.
  • I´ve added a beta feature to import and export tables to and from .csv files. The reason why this feature is in beta is that there may appear alot of different behaviours depending on text encoding (different OS etc). I will probably need to check that html markup is remained intact when exporting tables with javascript, html and css. Please be patient with this, more updates will come!
  • There is also a structure change. The dynamic css is now loaded together with the table to improve page loading time instead of being loaded in a php generated css file. Hopefully this will make your tables work better.
  • Bug fix – Fixed the issue that made the column widths not working when you removed the table header.

Hopefully this update will work fine (I´m always worried when I press the ”commit” button 😉 ) and all users will have a better experience with the plugin. If you have questions or discovered some problems the best way is to use the comments below to report that.


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56 Kommentarer

  1. Jonas skriver:

    Härligt! Går det att skapa rader som spänner över flera kolumner, utöver header och footer?

    • Simon skriver:

      (svarar på engelska här för många kommer säkert att fråga).

      I have not added rowspan/colspan in this version but instead focused on the import/export .csv feature. When that feature is stable I´ll add rowspan and colspan. Hopefully I´ll get time to make this update as soon as possible.

  2. Micha skriver:


    after updating the plugin, the complete css settings crashed and my tables are now complete unstyled :-/

  3. TT skriver:

    Hi Simon, before your update, we had caps only in headers + links. Now they’re everywhere. How to get rid of all the new caps?

    • Simon skriver:

      Hi, that is caused by some additional css in style.css in your theme, it looks like it is this statement:
      .page-id-10 table #n1, .page-id-10 table #n2, .page-id-10 table #n3, .page-id-10 table #n4, .page-id-10 table th {
      font-weight: bold !important;
      line-height: 2.2em !important;
      text-transform: uppercase !important;

  4. Micha skriver:

    i dont want to publish the url here, so i wrote you an email, but got no answer… the problem is, that the Horizontal text align body: center and Vertical text align body: middle dont work correct.
    hope you can help me.

  5. Barney Skinner skriver:

    Hey there, since upgrade to 1.3.3 I can no longer create a new table?! Upon clicking ‘add new’ it just refreshes the page and no new tables have been created… Help!!

  6. Håkan skriver:

    Dags att uppdatera sajten med nya versionen då 😉

  7. Barney Skinner skriver:

    Already updated wp to 3.5 before I updated tables to 1.3.3, if indeed you were referring to my post?

  8. Sean skriver:

    Hi Simon,

    I have been using your wonderful table but today when I upgraded to 1.3.3 , after that the CSS does not load and the table does not look like it looks in the preview. It’s not loading any ‘Table structure & style’ property.

    I also upgraded my wordpress to 3.5 today.

    You can see it here -> http://resumes.urbansoul.in/portfolio/zwigcv-the-responsive-multi-faceted-resume/

    Can you please advise ?


    • Simon skriver:

      Hi, it looks like the table has style from the plugin? Did you try to recreate (try to copy it) a table and see if you get the wrong result?

  9. Gray skriver:

    I am impressed with this plugin! There is a good chance that I will make a donation too!

    I have a couple of requests (prior to d/l the updated version):
    Add a gradient option for all rows.
    Options to allow a layout such as 4 lines 5 headers, but to have 1 column full height
    CSS shadows such as corner peel or warp etc
    Otherwise a great plugin! Keep em coming!

    p.s. do you do freelance work?

  10. Lars skriver:


    Since I had installed the new version all the tables change. I can´t put the text align in ”center” and the tables loose all the css style that I had done.

    Your plugin is really usefull but the last version is driving me mad, it is not wrokin properly at least in my blog and I didn´t chance or intall new plugins that could cause problem with yours.!

    How can I fix it? I have a lots of tablets!


    • Simon skriver:

      Hi Lars, it´s kind of tricky to search for errors without checking your site. Please contact me through the contact form att the plugin page
      and we´ll take it from there.

      • Lars skriver:

        Thanks for your quickly answer.

        I can´t find the contact form to send you the url of my stie.

        After a couple of test I discover that the text align just work if I choose Custom Skin, so I can´t choose between the other default skins. So now I have to configure every table with the Custom Skin, is not a nice work to do but is a simple solution for me


  11. David Woosley skriver:

    I am unable to create tables. The plugin is activated. After I enter the name/rows/columns, when I click on ”Add Table”, the form appears to be submitted, but I cannot locate the defined tables. The tables do not appear in what I guess is supposed to be a list of tables on that same screen. Does WebSimon create any MySQL tables? If so, where? Any help will be appreciated.

  12. Stuart skriver:

    Since update the formating of the tables does not work, the tables look terrible on my site, the skin I use in the pug in is minimalist white, looks fine in the plug in preview but loses everything when used, running the latest wordpress.

  13. Stuart skriver:

    Thanks that has sorted my issue :)

  14. Michele skriver:

    Hi, I’ve installed your plugin and I tried to create tables, manually everything works, but the import from CSV file does not get it to work I have tried everything but I do not understand where I’m wrong, I entered the URL path as required, tested verified the accuracy but nothing.
    I would like to propose an improvement in a table already created the ability to import a CSV file, with the option to choose to append or rewrite

  15. Michael Rossi skriver:

    How do you center a smaller table when you set a fixed width? Whenever I make the table width smaller and insert it into the center of a page it always shifts to the left side. Is there a fix?

  16. Mark Reed skriver:

    The vertical borders are not showing on all cells

    see http://shiningstarphotobooth.com/packages-and-rates/

    the sides in some areas do not have borders. THis is with the newest plugin version.

  17. Richard skriver:


    Is there a way of creating one master table from which sub-tables are linked, so when updating all tables, only the master need to be updated? As of now I´ve one major table and many linked sub-tables (parts of the master) and it´s quite annoying to update every single table.

    Thanks in advance,


  18. BASTIEN Christiane skriver:

    ”There is now more options to choose column width for tables with alot of columns.”

    it does not work. Only the first column

    Merci pour la réponse

  19. Efrem skriver:


    Great plugin. I’m using 1.3.3. but cannot seem to get shortcodes to work in table cells.

    I tried to use the [audio: filename.mp3] shortcode for JW Player plugin in a table cell but the only thing I get is a black box–no player.

    The short code works fine outside of my table though. Any ideas what I should look for?

    Thank you.

  20. Marcel skriver:

    Oops I see that the html code in my comment is interpreted, now without html So if PATH=”…” , has a href =”file.xxx” it will be expanded to a href =”PATH/file.xxx”.

  21. stanneforks skriver:

    Hi Simon,
    We love your tables. It is so easy to keep our data current on the webiste, and the styling looks great!

    Ever since IE10 came out it no longer looks so great. In IE10 all the table headers lose their gradients.


    However they continue to work well in FireFox. We are using Websimon Tables 1.3.3

  22. LeeAnn skriver:

    How do you insert shortcodes from shortcode ultimate into websimon tables? I’ve already created the tables what I am trying to do is have info in tables is have content like this (+) Michael Blecker, Executive Director open up to show the persons bio information when you click on the + sign.

  23. josh skriver:

    I made a roster @ http://theao.net/about-us/ but the profile links (or links in general)are not clickable.

  24. Kelsey skriver:

    Simon –

    In the newest version, the plugin won’t allow tables longer than 124 rows. After 124 rows, I cannot save new content. Please help!

  25. askin skriver:

    How can you change the color of text in individual cells?

  26. Richard Harding skriver:

    Hi Simon,

    I am trying to import a CSV file but the import utility thinks there is only 1 column. The number of imported rows is correct.

    The first 3 rows of the CSV file are:

    16432,”TOFU,(FUYU),W/CA SULFATE”,1229,1.98,1.56,1229,10.595

    It would be useful to be able to specify the column, row and text delimiters.

    Thank you.

  27. Jessica skriver:

    Great plugin! Will you be updating this plugin any time soon so that it is compatible with WordPress 3.6?

  28. Cecilia skriver:


    I am swedish but will write in english :) I love your plugin! Exactly what I was looking for! And your service is also very good! Thank you!

    When using ”WORD” on in the table, the text are not getting clickable. In the example in the plugin it gets clickable. But is it possible to make the entire cell clickable to a post, page or a specific URL?

    Tack för ett bra jobb!

  29. Andy Thomsen skriver:


    The recent upgrade to 1.3.4 has resulted in my paragraph returns disappearing, as can be seen here: http://www.authorsalouduk.co.uk/roy-apps/

    All the text in the right hand column is now solid, with no paragraph spacing.

    I have tried downgrading to an earlier version, but cannot keep the data, which is too much to re-input.

    Can you offer any advice please?

  30. Ian Morton skriver:

    Very grateful for your plugin, as none of the others apparently give the option to set cell padding and have this actually WORK without extra CSS on which I am a complete novice.

    My problem is how to centre the table on a page. I have tried several fairly basic centering (html)tags around the shortcode, but none work and was wondering if there was a foolproof way to achieve centering (of the table itself), and where to put the CSS if this is what is necessary.

  31. Garry skriver:

    Is it possible that the plugin is causing code to display on the page, http://systemetricsinc.com/pc-training/schedule/

  32. Andi skriver:

    Hi Simon,

    the Plugin sets for every row the same IDs to the TDs. This is not W3C valide. Is it possible to use consecutive ids?


  33. Bruce skriver:

    Hi Simon,

    My table is truncating on smart phones How do I get the smart phone to show scroll bar?


  34. Dan skriver:

    Hello Simon:
    Is there any way to remove the seperator in the column titles as seen in the following screenshot?
    Thanks in advance.

  35. Angelia skriver:

    Hello Simon,

    Is sorting by column supported in the new release?

  36. Damian skriver:

    Hi, where I can get the plugin ? Do you have a github repository? I would be happy to correct the xss issues and upload it . I just can’t find the source anywhere

  37. Ivan skriver:

    Hello, Simon!
    Can u sand me your plugin at 1wanted@list.ru
    Thank u!