2012 Apr 12

The latest update of websimon tables

In the past few weeks I´ve received 3 – 5 mails per day with questions about my plugin websimon tables mostly about when/if updates of the plugin will be done. Yesterday I made the biggest update so far with lots of new features and some small bugfixes and I felt that I wanted to describe my work with this plugin a little bit more and maybe in this way decrease the number of mails that I have to answer 😉

New features, bugs and mistakes

Yesterday I released version 1.1.1 and the morning after I released 1.1.2 since some files didn´t reach the plugin repository as they should have. In this new version I´ve added the following features:

  • Its now possible to change the table name.
  • You can now disable the table header.
  • Its now possible to empty a tables content without changing the structure and design.
  • You can move rows up and down.
  • You can move columns left and right
  • You can add rows and columns inside of a table
  • You can delete rows and columns inside of a table
  • Added some more textfields with the shortcodes for faster access.
  • There is now an unique css class for each row if you want to design each row separately.
  • Bugfix – Fixed the issue that made the colorpicker not working.

Somehow I made a mistake uploading the plugin to the repository and that caused a missing file that should´ve taken care of the renaming of tables. I also failed uploading som pictures that were ment to make it easy to edit the structure of the table content. Luckily one of the plugin users was kind enough to let me know about this issue and I fixed it immediately. Hopefully all of these features will work as I plan and the plugin will be even more useful.

What happens with the plugin in the future

Since I am doing this plugin (as many plugin authors do) on my spare time the development of the plugin will take some time. But maybe you´ll find it a little bit interesting what kind if features I´m planning and when to expect them. Here´s the plan forward for websimon tables

  • First of all I want to wait and see that the features above will work for the majority of the users and fix bugs as fast as possible.
  • I will add some kind of import and export functionality to the plugin. Most likely csv comma separated way of importing and exporting the table content. This will be a good way of backuping the information and make it easier to go to and from excel/spreadsheets.
  • I will try to add a sorting functionality, alphabetically and/or numerical. The plugin was not really built to support more advanced sorting features. From the beginning I wanted the plugin to be really simple but good looking. But since a lot of people asks for this I will give it a try.
  • Some people want a rowspan and a colspan functionality. I do no know yet if I will make this possible. I´ll decide later.

I hope this infor answers some of the questions you have about the plugin. If not, please use the comment field below.

Regards /Simon

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42 Kommentarer

  1. Imogen skriver:

    Dear Simon

    When you do the sorting function could you please include a ”random” function so that the order of the rows can be random? I am using Websimon, which I think is a great plugin, to give brief information about a class of students. We would like a different student to be ”first” each time using a random sort function.

    Thank you very much. Great work!


    • Simon skriver:

      Hi Imogen, I can at least promise I´ll consider that kind of feature. 😉 I need to check if it is possible to make a good sorting functionality with the current structure first.

  2. Perry Rendell skriver:

    Hi Simon
    Wanted to say nice plugin. We’ve been very happy in testing our website using it.
    However we updated to the latest plugin version today and we’ve now noticed as you can see at our website that we have lost the horizontal / vertical borders and the Horizontal text align body: Centre now displays Left. We’re keen to keep the plugin on our site but as the site is going live on Monday I wonder if you are planning to fix this bug early next week? thanks

  3. william skriver:

    hi, great plugin and im loving it. one thing ive noticed (sorry) in chome the header borders are showing just fine, but in IE they are missing, leaving a single block of colour for the header.


    obv nothing major at all, just thought id let you know

    Thanks again for a fantastic plugin

    • Simon skriver:

      Hi William, I´ve noticed that. I haven´t had time to investigate why this appears in som browser versions like older IE. But you can always try to change the padding inside of each cell. Sometimes that can help.

  4. Mathew Coles skriver:

    Hi Simon
    Great plug in, latest update makes things a lot better.
    I have a problem, I set up all my tables at 400% fixed table width when first setting up, I now want them full width, I have removed the 400% but they are still showing at 400% !!!!
    how can I get then to show up 100% width

    • Simon skriver:

      Hi Mathew,
      Have you tried to deleting the text field leaving it blank?
      Have you tried to setting it to 100%?
      If neither of those things work, please send me an mail (info at websimon dot se) and we can take from there.

  5. Perry Rendell skriver:

    Hi Simon
    Thanks for replying so quickly… do I need to redownload the plugin?

  6. Mathew Coles skriver:

    Hi Simon

    OK I have found I needed to enter 615% for what I needed, when I tried using alternative % before it did not work as I had saved the change but not refreshed the page before exiting the ”Edit Structure Page”
    thanks for your help


  7. Jason skriver:

    Is there any possible negative effect on SEO using the plugin?

    • Simon skriver:

      Hi Jason!
      Thats a pretty good question and my own opinion is that it does not affect the search results at all since it´s just a simple table in html. The only problem that webmasters concerned with seo should consider is the fact that the dynamic css (generated by php) is pretty heavy to load. So if you have a slow server this can be a problem.. I know that google like speed..

  8. Tony Voss skriver:

    Hi… just tried websimon.

    I add a table but nothing appears in the list of ALL TABLES.

    I am multi-user and installed and activated for the Network. Should this plug-in be OK for this?


    • Simon skriver:

      Hi, I´ve actually never tried if it works on multisite, I guess that it shouldn´t work since I´d had to add support for that.

  9. leo skriver:

    thanks for this amazing wordpress plug-in, make lots of developers easy life…:)

  10. Jim skriver:

    Hello Simon,

    Great plug-in, thank you for doing this. Is it possible to get greater control over column widths? I have a 20 column table, and the formatting falls apart after the 10th column because the smallest each column width can be set to is 10%. Would be helpful to have more granularity in the %’s.

    – Jim

  11. srini skriver:

    Wrapping of content
    I am unable to get my content wrapped. Even though I have set the width, one of the cells that has lot of content, takes up most of my page. I dont see a ”cellwrap” function. Pls help

    • Simon skriver:

      Its difficult for me to say what is causing your error, there is no css in the plugin that makes wrapping text not working. It could be your themes css or that you have to make that column a bit wider.
      Hope this helps

  12. Abhisheik skriver:

    Hi, I was looking for a solution to make tables on my website and your plugin is just proving perfect for me. One Query. Can there be a possibility to sort table content Alphabettically? from column headers .


  13. Johan skriver:

    Hi there!

    Firstly, great plugin! Works very well!

    I have one small problem though. The tables I create are not included in the wordpress search results. Is this possible?


    • Simon skriver:

      Hi Johan, right now the tables aren´t included in the wordpress internal search result. I will check if that is possible.

  14. Mari skriver:

    Hi Simon,

    Great table maker. I’m glad to see that you will be adding an import/export function as this will make things much easier.

    Any chance you can add some html functionality also. I’d like to be able to bold/italic, but mostly easily add links via a link button. I can do this manually, but is time consuming.

    And to verify, the content of the tables will show up in Search Engines, correct? I think that’s what was asked regarding SEO.


    • Simon skriver:

      Hi Mari, maybe I´ll add en wysiwyg editor but that will probably take som time before its done. Yes the table should be visible for search engines.

  15. Peter Studsmatta skriver:

    Riktigt bra jobb med den här funktionen! Har provat den och använt den på ett par av mina sidor tidigare. Kul att så många börjat använda den!

  16. Thomas skriver:

    I would like to make the border of the table wider. How can I accomplish this. Thanks

    • Barb skriver:

      I too would like to be able to adjust the border width. Is that possible? I’ve searched the FAQ, but not found any mention of it.

  17. Matt skriver:

    I like the table sorting and the row-span and col-span idea. Would be handy for my tables. Love the product.

  18. Gillian skriver:

    Hi Simon

    I love your plug-in but I think I might have found a bug :-)

    If I select the Table Style option to ”Remove Header” then the column widths that I have chosen for my table are ignored. For example, I have a 100% width table with 3 columns with their widths set to 10%, 20% and 70% respectively. If I tick ”Remove Header” then these column widths are ignored and the result looks closer to 5% (this first column only has a one- or two-digit number in it on each row, so it is quite narrow), 10% (this second column has a bit more text in each row), and 85% (this third column has a lot of text in most rows).

    I have a work-around for now, but I look forward to a fix :-)

  19. Mark skriver:

    Hi Simon,

    Just wanted to say thanks for the plugin. I went through a few plugins trying to get a table just how I wanted. Websimon Tables is teh easiest to use, with more options for configuring & it looks great. Since I don’t know any code at all the ease of use has been a real boon.

    Thanks very much,

  20. Henry skriver:

    Hi Simon,

    I’ve just started using the plugin and it seems really easy to use. Thank you.

    Once I have desgined a table that I like, is it possible to copy it across to other WP domains I manage? I have the plugin installed on a few domains now, but rather than redesigning the table each time it would be great if I could just copy it across into the other plugins.


  21. Raja skriver:

    Hi Simon,

    Firstly I just want to say this is a great plugin. By far the most user friendly and easiest to use compared to other plugins. I’m still waiting on the sorting and import/export functionality. Is that something you will deffinately go ahead with or cannot guarantee at this stage?

    Somebody has managed to modify your plugin and added a sorting gunctionality (http://www.digitalfaq.com/guides/websites/wordpress-sortable-tables.htm). I may go ahead and do the same if that’s something you may not be adding too soon.

    Thanks again for providing the WP community with a great plugin.

    • Simon skriver:

      Hi Raja, my development plan right now is to add rowspan/colspan, import/export functionality and then som kind of sorting functionality.

      thanks for the tip with the the jQuery solution.

  22. dave skriver:

    Hi Simon,

    I am interested in your web design skills- please contact me. Cheers.

  23. Larry skriver:

    Simon, your plugin is awesome! Thank you for developing this tool. Any idea as to when you may have the CSV capability for import/export available?

    • Simon skriver:

      Hi, I haven’t had as much time to work on new features lately due to other responsibilities, but I hope I´ll soon get time to add CSV support and rowspan/colspan.

  24. Dylan Shems skriver:

    Yes, this plugin is awesome! :)
    But my server is slow down with about 1-2sec. Is it posible to make table_skins.php to not be loaded when we open pages without any table on it? For example home page.
    Check this: http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/?testurl=http%3A%2F%2Fhedgejournals.com#!/AkAuE41mL/http://hedgejournals.com

    • Simon skriver:

      Hi Dylan,

      I have made a fix for this issue in the next update which I will push out in the repository next week. In this update I will also include som new features which hopefulle will work well.

  25. michael skriver:

    1. Allow each column to have its own formatting
    2. Have button or check box for each row to toggle whether that row gets served or remains invisible

    Nonetheless, superbly excellent plug-in

  26. Darryll skriver:


    I have just installed and set up a pricing table using your table. I think it looks great, so thank you very much.

    Have you considered adding a ‘feature column’ to the ‘more styles and effects’ section?

    It is probably best for me to explain what I mean by posting an example so please click the following link to view the image of what I mean.


    Thank you very much once again.